31 January 2020

This week, in Class 4, we have started a new topic in English where we will be learning how to write explanation texts based on the book ‘Until I Met Dudley’. In our English lessons, we have familiarised ourselves with the text and focused on writing in present tense. In Maths, we have been counting in fractions, learning how to convert improper fractions and exploring what fractions look like when they are greater than 1. In Science, we enjoyed a practical lesson learning how ligaments and tendons work by creating a moving arm out of cardboard. In PSHE, we worked in groups to discuss the skills we have and how these skills can be utilised in future careers. They thoroughly enjoyed interviewing each other based on these skills. In Geography, we started writing persuasive leaflets to advertise our ‘New and Improved’ version of Kings Bromley. Another great week, well done Class 4!

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Category: Class 4