15 July 2021

Image of Care Club Summer Term

Summer Term.

This term in Care Club the children have been making the most of the lovely weather and playing many sports on the MUGA, They have been enjoying football, dodge ball, cricket and basketball, they have also played twister, coloured in some lovely pictures and enjoyed sharing time with their friends building amazing things with the Lego. As we come to the end of another year at Richard Crosse I would like to say goodbye to all of the year 6’s and wish them the very best of luck in their new High Schools, I know they will all achieve many great things and everyone at Richard Crosse School and Care Club will truly miss them all, Good luck to you all.

Mrs. Compton.

Care Club Memories by year 6.


Throughout my time at this school, Care Club has been a very friendly place for me both before and after school. My most fond memory of Care Club was in lockdown when Mr. Morley made his famous blorange (a mix of orange and blackcurrant squash). Also in the morning, it is lovely to be able to have breakfast in Care Club so that you don’t have to worry about being late. As well, Anya and I played extreme ping-pong and we ended up getting the ball stuck in the window! I will miss Care Club when I leave and I hope it will be an enjoyable place for many other children to come. Ginny.

In Care Club, I will never forget the time we played car wars with the Connex, building many things with the Lego and going outside to play football with my friends.                                                   Dominic.

I have had so many memories of my time in Care Club and one of my favourite memories was going on a scavenger hunt on the playground. I also love dodge ball free for all’s that we do.                  Neve.

One of my favourite memories in Care Club is when Ginny and I stuck loads of stickers on our scrapbooks and coloured in Elsa and Anna pictures. One of my more recent memories is when we played extreme ping-pong and the ball ended up getting stuck on a window. I have enjoyed Care Club so much and I will miss all of the fun activities.                                                                                  Anya.

One of my favourite times in Care Club was when we were outside and I kept getting out because I couldn’t catch the ball. I also love seeing Mrs Compton’s smiley face.                                                Rowan



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