The School Spelling Bee is a termly competition held at the end of each term to promote high standards in spelling across the school. The Spelling Bee encourages children to learn their key spelling words in order to compete in a friendly and supportive environment amongst their peers. All children who take part are celebrated and supported.  

During the summer term, we will have a MAT Spelling Bee Competition whereby we will compete against the other schools in our academy in order to win the MAT Spelling Bee trophy.


How will it work?

Please take the time to learn the key spelling words (download available below) in order to allow your child to compete in a friendly and supportive environment in which all children can achieve and aspire to be the best they can be.  At the end of each term, your child's class teacher will complete heats with their own class to find the year group winners in school.   A MAT final will be held during the summer term to see which school is the Spelling Bee Champion. All children who take part will be awarded a Spelling Bee certificate in our Achievement Assembly.

We encourage and support all children - in every year group and of all abilities - to take part.

Spelling Lists: coming by December 2022

Letter to parents: coming by December 2022


You've got to be in it to win it!  Let's hope Richard Crosse brings the trophy home in 2023!

Spelling Bee - Autumn Term


Spelling Bee - Spring Term


Spelling Bee - Summer Term


MAT Spelling Bee

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