We are very proud of our school, and have very high standards for ourselves and our pupils.  But as parents, we think you probably want to hear what our past and current pupils think of Richard Crosse. 


Church School Questionnaire February 2023:


What I like about our school as a Church School - 


  • I like the emphasis on values, such as kindness and fairness which will stand all children in good stead regardless of their personal faith.

  • The school values are aligned with the local church and promote an inclusive learning environment. Students receive recognition for demonstrating these values - this helps develop them into respectful and resilient young people. 

  • The school teaches different values in worship and religious education. 

  • It’s very much a nurturing and caring school. Each term there is a link to a Christian virtue such as trust. It’s lovely that it has links with the local church and children go at least once a term. 

  • That it feels friendly, caring and inclusive and mark every religious event.

  • Faith is an integral part of the children's day, and the christian values are woven through all activities.

  • They do teach Christian values without being too strict about it or not recognising other faiths.

  • Teaching of values and principals.

  • That Christian values are the foundation of the schools ethos.

  • The school instils strong Christian values.

  • It installs positive well rounded values into my childI like that the children get to visit the local church.

  • I like that the children recognise and give thanks for their food and each other every day.

  • I like that although the school is a church school all other religions and beliefs are explored.

  • I feel like the school makes everyone feel as a part of a huge family so even if they had small families themselves this is an extension.

  • The Christian values taught and upheld by the school support all children in becoming valuable and thoroughly  decent members of society, the type that I am proud to be part of. 

  • I love the school values and how they teach and share these with the children.


Parent Survey May 2023: 


What do you like most about this school?


  • Christian ethos. Friendly, inclusive, positive learning environment.

  • My son has great respect for his teachers.

  • That it’s a small school.Family oriented

  • Discipline and reward trade off

  • Effort from teachers and staff doesn't go unnoticed

  • Responsibility of students as they age is fantastic

  • Management, excellent teaching, behavioural management

  • Good ethos. Good teachers. 

  • Friendly, caring atmosphere combined with disciplined but enthusiastic approach to learning.

  • The size of the school means that the children tend to form relationships with older and younger children and I think that makes for a lovely community.

  • The school has strong leadership and a friendly and professional staff team.

  • The children are motivated to learn in a structured, happy and positive environment.

  • Staff are approachable

  • The flexibility of the after school care provision is greatly appreciated

  • Good values, feels as though there is a ‘school community’ with children from all classes mixing together.

  • Great to see children smartly dressed and with good manners.

  • Positive environment and encourages and supports students to come out of their comfort zone.

  • Friendly/family atmosphere - size of the school really helps with this.  The older children interact/help the younger children.

  • That everyone knows each other, there seems to be a lovely community within the school, where all pupils are included regardless of age. I feel my daughter is understood and always pushed to achieve her best and is known by all the staff which is lovely.

  • The nurturing environment and the fact that all of the staff clearly care a huge amount about the education and welfare of the children.

  • The feeling of the school, it’s a real close community and all the children love it. Staff are incredible and the kids are thriving.

  • Friendly atmosphere and my child enjoys school.

  • My child is very happy there. The school has a nice feel and is supportive. 

  • It is very inclusive and a lovely homely environment for the children

  • Staff are friendly and approachable. There is a real sense of all staff wanting to help students achieve the best out of each individual. The school promotes the kind of attributes we’d want our children to model

  • The overall atmosphere of the school is happy/friendly.

  • Our children are happy and very settled. They are making great progress in all aspects of their education at RC. The staff are very approachable and I feel they always deal with any issues we raise. Parents are always met with a smile, the children's behaviour within school appears excellent and the school has a wonderful atmosphere that I'm sure the staff have worked very hard to create.


Year 6 Leavers Questionnaire July 2023:


  • I feel confident and ready to go to secondary school. The school values have supported me so that I know how to behave.

  • I have enjoyed most days at Richard Crosse and will be absolutely devastated when I leave.

  • I have loved this school ever since nursery and I know where everything is. It is great place to be and the people here are very kind.

  • I feel like my time at Richard Crosse has helped me prepare for secondary school by teaching me all that I know . 

  • I'm very grateful for the time here and the memories made. Thank you!


Year 3-5 End of Year 2023 questionnaire: 

  • What I like most about my school is that I know who every one is and that the teachers are really kind .I also really like the subjects we learn about.

  • I really like my lessons and teachers . The subjects are always fun and interesting. People don't feel left out because the people here are really friendly. The food is good and the worships are great.

  • I like that it has great staff and care about all pupils. Everyone takes care of others and help if something is wrong. The staff and PTA raise money to get the summer fair , discos and Christmas dinner and lots more.

  • I like that when I am worried I can tell a teacher and they will listen. I also like that the lessons are always fun and i learn something new each lesson I have. I also like that break time is quit long and very fun. I also really like the school trips we go on, especially Richard Crosse racing!

  • I like going to the lunchtime clubs and going to library club. I also enjoyed the residential trips that we have been on and the quiet area that has recently been added.

  • The playgrounds, that you can play football with your friends. The classroom because they they are always clean and organised.

  • I like that they have councils and clubs at lunch and after school. I also like that you get taught by various teachers including  our head teacher , our class teacher and TA's.

  • I like that all the teachers help me when I am struggling.


Key Stage 1 - End of Year comments:


  • I like learning new things. I like my teachers especially Miss Fullwood. I really enjoy break time because I like to play with my friends. I also like going to care club because we get to do colouring competitions.

  • I like all the fun activities we do. I like that we sometimes get to go on trips. I also like the lovely meals that we have.

  • I am good at monster phonics and English.

  • I am also good at being a kind friend.

  •  I like the new nurture area. I also like my friends and teachers.

  • I would like to be part of the eco council next year because I like to look after the environment

  • I like that I learn new things all of the time. I like the dinner options.

  • I like that there are a lot of teachers




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