We're very proud of our school, and have very high standards for ourselves and our pupils.  But as parents, we think you probably want to hear what other parents think of Richard Crosse.  Below are some of our parent's views.


"We have had the pleasure of all our 3 children attended Richard Crosse primary School from their nursery year to leaving for Secondary School in year 6.
We have so many wonderful memories of the children's time here.
At Richard Crosse they not only strive to ensure your child achieves their academic potential but also understand the importance of nurturing the individual child. The children are encouraged to help and respect each other with kind behaviour and there is a firm no tolerance by teachers and pupils of bad behaviour.
Not only are the teaching staff an amazing, dedicated and caring bunch of individuals but there is so many sports, music and art events to enjoy as a family. We have so many fab memories...chocolate bingo was a particular family favourite , achievement assembly was always a weekly go to and Christmas and leavers concerts had us all in tears (for all the right reasons!).
Richard Crosse is such a very special place, a wonderful School that regards the children and parents as a family.  We are proud that our children attended here.  For anyone lucky enough to be considering this lovely School we would highly recommend!!
Go for it you really won't look back!"

Parent of past pupils, 2019


"Richard Crosse school has provided my daughter with every opportunity to be her very best self. She was encouraged and supported when she lacked confidence. Counselled and cared for when she found life tough and was challenged and inspired to do her very very best always.

As a result she has left the school to embark on her secondary education as a happy, confident, bright child with all the tools she needs to succeed in this next phase of her life. I do not have the words to recommend this school highly enough. Every teacher my children have worked under have the whole child at their heart and do all they can to do the very best for each individual. The Christian ethos and high standards of manners and behavior are also such an important part of life at Richard Crosse. 

This school genuinely cares for its children and, in my opinion, is a wonderful family to be part of."

Year 6 pupil parents, 2019


“We have been delighted with the education and progress of our three children at Richard Crosse.  The wonderful family atmosphere coupled with the the dedicated staff give all the students every opportunity to fulfil their potential.”.

Year 6 pupil parents 2019


"My daughter had a brilliant start to school life at Richard Crosse, and still speaks very fondly of her time there - including most of the times that we drive past!  It was a very nurturing environment that allowed her to thrive academically. The teachers were all very approachable, genuinely caring and happy to be contacted at any time of any areas of concern.

"I would not hesitate in recommending Richard Crosse as being a wonderful primary school because it provides its pupils with a great start in life to go onto build upon in high school."

Year 6 pupil parents 2019