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The Parent & Teachers Association is here to support the school in providing a fun and enriching environment for pupils to learn. We run events throughout the year aimed at raising additional funds for the school to use for the benefit of the pupils and teachers.  If your child is a member of the school family then you, as a parent or guardian, are a member of the PTA.  The events we coordinate and run throughout the year are done on a voluntary basis so we rely heavily on everyone’s support, in whatever shape or form that is.

We normally schedule our meetings around events.  In the past we have arranged these during school hours, either just after drop-off in the morning or pick-up in the evening.  We know people can’t always make the meetings but we will make sure that everyone knows what we have discussed so you can support us in whatever way you can. Notes from all meetings will be available on the website.

If you have any ideas or questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with either Kerrie O'Mara (Chair of the PTA) or Ms Bowring through the school office.

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How can you help now?

● Join committee and/or volunteer to help at events
● If you shop at the COOP, make sure you have signed up to the COOP’s membership scheme and selected us as your chosen charity.
● Sign up to EasyFundraising for internet shopping
● Think about joining the £1 a week club

Thank you for supporting us, so that  together we can help our children's school to provide amazing experiences and resources for our children.

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PTA - AGM Update from the Chair - Kerrie O'Mara


Following the previous AGM, a new PTA was formed and several changes to the PTA have taken place. We have organised many fun events for the children and parents: movie night and disco, a Wine and Cheese tasting event, Whole school Pantomime trip, Summer and Christmas Fayres. In doing so, we have also raised an amazing amount of income.

After the formation of the new PTA Committee, we assisted with the completion of the well-being playground. The PTA funded the astro turf/green area and secured a donation of herb planters, plants and compost. Furthermore, we secured a generous donation of 16 new Chromebooks for school, for pupils to use in their lessons.

This year, the PTA funded classroom resources for each class, enabling teachers to buy wishlist items to further enhance their teaching and learning experiences for the children. Additionally, we have funded reading scheme books, leavers hoodies and end of year photos.

At the start of this academic year, the PTA introduced a £1 per week club, whereby members would pay £39 for the year, in exchange for their child to attend PTA events/receive items for PTA run events. This scheme has had a great uptake in the first year, with over 50% of pupils becoming members.

Having this financial commitment for the year from the Richard Crosse families, has enabled us to better plan the PTA events for the year, reduce the amount of time and resources spent on banking, chasing payments etc. We are hopeful that next year, there will be a higher percentage of £1 club members and this will further reduce the admin behind the scenes for each PTA event.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has helped to support events and fundraising. Without the help and support from teachers and parents/carers, we would not have been able to run the events and raise an amazing amount of money over the past year.



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