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The Parent & Teachers Association is here to support the school in providing a fun and enriching environment for pupils to learn. We run events throughout the year aimed at raising additional funds for the school to use for the benefit of the pupils and teachers.  If your child is a member of the school family then you, as a parent or guardian, are a member of the PTA.  The events we coordinate and run throughout the year are done on a voluntary basis so we rely heavily on everyone’s support, in whatever shape or form that is.

We normally schedule our meetings around events.  In the past we have arranged these during school hours, either just after drop-off in the morning or pick-up in the evening.  This year we will trial an evening meeting, most likely at The Royal Oak pub to hopefully encourage more people to come along.  We know people can’t always make the meetings but we will make sure that everyone knows what we have discussed so you can support us in whatever way you can. Notes from all meetings will be available on the website.

If you have any ideas or questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with either Louise McGuffie (Chair of the PTA) or Ms Bowring through the school office.

Minutes of meeting

2021 PTA Spending

In May 2021, thanks to your generosity, we spent £2,000 on outdoor equipment for EYFS children.

This included the following:

Corner playhouse, cushions, slated music wall, CD player and headsets, throne, shelving, waterproof mats, Perspex painter, windmill chalk table and seats, water tables and pump, water channels and stands, mud kitchen, sand space and play sand, construction barriers, stage and backdrop.

The EYFS children are very happy with their beautiful new equipment.

PTA Spending 2021

2022 Wellbeing Playground Plans/Costs

17 meter trim trail on the back playground £7,500 (about to order);

Installing 6 child specific cardiovascular gym stations £7,100;

Installing a 5 meter traversing wall onto the side of the school wall in the front playground £1,000 (about to order); and Creating a ‘green space’ on the old Class One outside area (wooden seating/herb and flower beds/summer house/solar powered water features/artificial grass and an outdoor reading shed £8,000.

Our aim is to raise £7,000 this year to complete the gym stations!

PTA We need you

How can you help now?

● Join the Wellbeing Playground fundraising Committee (details to follow shortly).
● If you shop at the COOP, make sure you have signed up to the COOP’s membership scheme and selected us as your chosen charity.
● Sign up to EasyFundraising for internet shopping (2 people have raised over £400 so far, think what we could all raise).
● If you shop with Amazon, select us as your chosen charity under the Amazon Smile scheme.
● Think about joining the 59 club for £1 a week.

Thank you for supporting us, so that we can make our Wellbeing Playground dream come true!

PTA Events Gallery 

  • Pancake Flipping Competition  - 28th February 2022
  • Big Breakfast and Funky Fashion Day  - 17th February 2022
  • School Disco  - 19th November 2021
  • Big Breakfast  - 4th November 2021

PTA Events

A Great Big Thank You 

pta funds raised

We would like to say a big thank you to the PTA for buying us some new laptops through PTA funds. Below is a picture of the children enjoying their new laptops: 

PTA Computing

Contact Details 

PTA Facebook

You can find more information on the PTA and keep up-to-date via their Facebook page: 

or email the PTA team on:

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