8 July 2022

Image of Summer Term 2 - Week 5

Another great week in both morning and afternoon Care Clubs, the children have enjoyed a variety of tasty breakfast items including: toast,fruit loaf,crumpets,waffles and bagels. They also have a choice of different cereals, fresh fruit, yoghurts and a drink of fruit juice or milk. Some of the activities offered this week were colouring lovely pictures, using modelling clay and play dough, making pictures with cork boards and metal pins, playing various board games with Mrs Haynes and reading to younger children. The children also made lemonade, had hotdogs for tea and designed baseball caps to celebrate the American Independence Day anniversary. Have a wonderful weekend and looking forward to next week.

Mrs. Compton, Mrs. Haynes & Mrs. Smith.

Posted by kcompton

Category: Care Club

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