8 September 2023

Image of Autumn Term 1 - Week 1

What a wonderful first week of the new year in Class 4. I have been welcomed splendidly and really appreciate all the thoughtful comments and kindness shown to me. Throughout this week, we have bonded as a class and developed our confidence when speaking in front of others. We quickly grasped the important messages and values that underlined the picture book known as 'Flower Power' by Caroline Wedd and produced several pieces of writing that relate to it. In maths, we explored place value in numbers and challenged ourselves by solving problems that tested our understanding.  On Wednesday, we learned about using grid methods when sketching to help us have accurate perspective when drawing buildings. A key message throughout the week has been the importance of having a growth mindset where we understand that mistakes are an essential part of the journey to success. It has certainly been a memorable week for so many fantastic reasons and I am very encouraged by how enthusiastic everyone is towards their learning!

Aut 1 week 1 Class 4

Posted by John Frame

Category: Class 4

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