22 September 2023

Image of Autumn Term 1 - Week 3

Throughout the week, In English, we have been using our creativity to develop our descriptive writing. By building more specific expanded noun phrases and using advanced punctuation such as colons, we managed to create fantastic sentences. During our whole class reading sessions, we have had the pleasure of reading a wide range of origin stories about whales, elephants, cats and foxes to develop our reading comprehension and summarising skills. Our PE lesson showed, through an active game, how choosing unhealthy foods requires more exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle than those full of fats and sugars. Map work investigating six-figure grid references was certainly a challenge with important skills such as using a key on show. Active Maths on Friday was particularly popular as children worked in teams to find solutions to challenges printed on various pages outside. It is clear that everyone has tried their very best once again and deserve a well earned break over the weekend!


Aut 1 Class 4 Week 3

Posted by John Frame

Category: Class 4

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