24 November 2023

Image of Autumn Term 2 - Week 3

Another week full of fantastic learning in Class 4. Namely, we finsished our writing unit based on an evacuee during the Second World War by drafting and editing a letter as if we were the main character in our story (Letters from the Lighthouse). In maths, we have shown great resillience and effort in the fractions topics and welcomed parents to explore our math-filled curriculum at the Parent Workshop. In RE, we discussed the main themes and ideas of incarnation and developed a better understanding of the transiton between the Old and New Testament. 

Today, in French we continued our learning of the 'School Life' topic.  We remembered the classroom furniture items from last week and this week we discussed the items in our pencil cases.  We learnt some prepositions - à coté de (next to), sur (on) and (sous) "under" and had fun choosing the correct preposition to say exactly where things were in the classroom by setting up different scenarios. Afterwards, we watched a typical day in a French school and discussed the differences between our day in the UK and their day - the most notable one being the fact that school uniform is not mandatory in France! Have a wonderful weekend and see you all on Monday.


Class 4 Aut 2 Week 3


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