26 April 2024

Image of Summer Term 1 - Week 3 - Class 4

This week in Class 4 has been filled with excitement and growth. We continued reading "Thief" and wrote diary entries from the main character's perspective and then began planning our own version of how the story should end. In computing class, we got creative with Google Drawings by layering shapes to represent images of objects such as robots and lions. We also learned the keyboard shortcuts. On the field, we practiced batting in cricket and, on Friday, we developed our technique for the triple jump in athletics. In science, we created line graphs to study how the length and weight of a fortus develops throughout the gestation process and made conclusions by recognising patterns in our graphs. Mathematics involved exploring shapes, while we also put final touches on our portfolios and go-karts for our Greenpower project. As we wrap up the week, we're grateful for the lessons learned and the well deserved weekend break.


Summer Term 1 - Week 2 - Class 4

Posted by John Frame

Category: Class 4

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