9 May 2024

Image of Class 1 Summer 1 Week 5

It has been lovely to see the children this week!
We have enjoyed learning about the life cycle of the frog. Preschool have made frogs and Reception have made lilies. The children have looked at Monet’s paintings of water lilies.

In literacy I read the story ‘Tad’ who turned from a tadpole into a frog. He was brave and faced his fears, escaping from being eaten by Big Blub! The children wrote a letter to Tad telling him to watch out for Big Blub.

In PSED, the children talked about the importance of facing their fears!

In maths the children are starting to learn about addition and subtraction.

Next week we are going to be concentrating on our Class 1 garden. We have some hanging baskets and pots to fill. We also have some bird feeders arriving. We would be very grateful for donations of hanging basket and pot plants for the children to plant. We endeavour to bring our garden to life with colour and mini beasts. We look forward to seeing the children become regular gardeners, helping things to grow and flourish.

We will also be planting some vegetables in our planter.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

Class 1 summer 2 Week 5 2024


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