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A huge welcome back to all our year 5 children and parents as we return from what has been a strange few months for children and adults alike.   It has been a real pleasure seeing all our children come back into school with such a positive outlook to both their learning and the situation we find ourselves in.   As we plan for the year ahead, we are confident that we can ‘catch up’ on lost learning time and ensure that all children are given the best opportunities to get back on track to achieve their full potential.   We recognise the importance of reforming our strong home/school links and by working together, we believe we are in the best possible position to overcome the challenges we may be faced with in the future.  Hard work, determination and resilience are some of our core characteristics that we try to instil in our children at Richard Crosse, and it will be these characteristics that we are sure will shine through, as the children move onto the next chapter in their educational journey.


Mr Challinor and Mrs Parkes



Hi Class 4

We just want to say a huge thank you to all the Year 5 children and parents for being so supportive of the learning opportunities we are providing you with.  We currently have 100% of children engaging with us on a daily basis and this is a fine example of your willingness to learn.  As we strive to be 'The Best We Can Be' we show that being in lockdown will not hold us back in terms of our learning or our social development.  Thank You!

Meeting Times

We meet virtually 3 times a day via Google Classroom.

08.45 - 09.05 - English - This will usually consist of a directed writing task based on our current text.  There will also be a directed grammar, punctuation and spelling task.  Answers for this activity can be found in the back of the book and you are encouraged to mark your own work or ask a parent to do it for you.  For reading you will be expected to read an extract from our class text or complete a VIPERS challenge.  

10.05 - 10.25 - Maths - This will be a directed task from your White Rose booklets.  A mastery and greater depth folder can be found on Google Classroom for children who feel they are ready for for an extra challenge.  A lesson video and slideshow will be provided for every lesson which may be referred to if extra support is needed.  You are encouraged to mark your own work with the answer sheet provided. 

12.15 - 12.35 - Topic - This half term we will be covering Science (The Circulatory System), ICT (Coding) and Art (Charcoal).

Remember the meeting link will appear 5 minutes before the official start time for those who want the opportunity to catch up with friends.  There will also be an opportunity at the end of each session to remain in the meeting to share examples of your work with me and your peers.  


You will have your virtual French lesson with Madame Elliot at 2.00pm on a Wednesday. 


You are encouraged to attend our virtual whole school worship which will take place on a Monday at 3.00pm

Submitting Work

There are a number of ways in which you can submit work.  

  • Through Google Classroom - The submit button will allow me to comment on work and return it to you.
  • During our daily 'work share' meetings 
  • Using the 'Notes' scan option on Apple devices
  • A photograph sent via email

If the format permits, your work will be placed on the 'Gallery' which can be found on the school website.  We will endeavour to give you written/verbal feedback on your work where possible.

Staff Contact

You are able to communicate with staff through Google Classroom.  Please remember that these messages can be seen by the whole class.  If you would like message a member of staff privately then please use:

Where possible, messages should be sent during the school day, however if your message is of an urgent nature you may message outside these hours and we will do our best to get back to you ASAP.

Additional Work - Timings are only suggested and will vary between households

Reading -  30 minutes per day

Physical Activity - 60 minutes per day 

TT Rockstars - 20 minutes per day

Spelling Shed - 20 minutes per day

As staff, we will ensure that we are setting you work that is both meaningful and accessible to all.  If you have any questions regarding the work that is set, or you feel you need extra support, then dont hesitate to contact us.  

Keep up the hard work Class 4 - We are really proud of you!

Mr Challinor and Mrs Parkes


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