13 January 2021

Image of Class 1-home learning- wk2 Weds, Thurs & Fri

Good Morning Class 1, 

Remember we have French today 12.30 to 1pm- looking forward to seeing you there!

Reception reading books are now ready to collect from the office. Books are to be returned week commencing the 25th January when your next books will be ready to collect. 

On Friday morning, the children will need some play dough to take part in the dough disco. There is a no-cook recipe in the files if you need it. 

Here are your activities for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Our topic is ‘around the world in half a term!’ This week we will be focusing on Africa. Click on the links below to see what books we will be using.








Each day you will have a maths and a phonics activity to complete. These are listed below for you. During our morning online meet we will set additional activities. A brief overview of the session and activities set are listed below. 

Have fun!

The EYFS Team


Maths- Reception and Nursery 




Wednesday- Click on the link above. Watch the video Alive in 5! Week 2- session 3.

Complete the activity;


Reception Phonics

This week we will be learning the ar sound. Click the link below to see what objects Geraldine the giraffe finds with the ar sound in. 



Watch Tricky Witches  ar   song.



Can you remember any ar words from the song? Can you write down as many words as you can remember? Watch the song again and see if you got all the words.


Can you write sentences using the words below?

Hard, sharp, car, card, star, soon, broom and moon. 

Pick four words from the list and write four sentences in your literacy book. Draw a small picture underneath each sentence.


Friday- Look at the High Frequency word PowerPoint. Can you read all the words? 

Logon to phonics play



username: jan21

password: home

Select the game Dragon’s Den. Select phase 2 and play the game.

Nursery phonics

This week it’s all about alliteration! Over the next week complete the activities from the alliteration home learning sheet.


Thursday- Click on the link above. Watch the video Alive in 5! Week 2- session 4.

Complete the activity;../../Screen%20Shot%202021-01-06%20at%2016.18.26.png

Friday- Click on the link above. Watch the video Alive in 5! Week 2- session 5.

Complete the activity;../../Screen%20Shot%202021-01-06%20at%2016.20.42.png



Online teaching

Wednesday- Literacy

9.45am Today we will be learning about giraffes. Children will learn lots of fun facts about giraffes ready for their home learning challenge.

Home challenge 1- 

Reception- After learning lots of fun facts today about giraffes can you write some facts in the giraffe speech bubble ie; I like to eat trees. Remember to leave finger spaces between the words and use your phonics knowledge to help you spell words.

Nursery- We would like our Nursery children to draw a picture of the giraffe and some of the other animals from the story. Talk to an adult about the different animals that you have drawn, describing what they look like, what you think they might eat and what they  sound like.

12.30-1pm- French Online

Home challenge 2- 

Watch the video below about finding the beat. Using your instruments that you made yesterday listen to some songs and see if you can play the beat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR1z6kvHR5Wop25KF3kTKxcXawGcjZqv8L5mj-__98GcQ6-5GtQP30W2Sik&v=0kaX2l413p8&feature=youtu.be 


2.15pm Catch up & story time.

Thursday- Maths

This morning will be continuing with our 2d shape learning. We are going to look at the properties of some 2d shapes. Using some familiar 2d shapes, we will discuss what makes each shape unique and sort a selection of them into groups.


Home challenge 1- Your first home challenge will be to find and use some different objects such as pencils, straws, raw spaghetti, flour in a tray (to draw them) to make some of the different shapes we discussed this morning. Once you have created some different shapes, we would like you to have a go at creating a shape picture. You might make a house, a rocket or a train. What shapes did you use for your picture? Can you tell an adult? We would love to see some photos of your creations.


Home challenge 2- 

Our story this week has been about an animal that you would find in the continent of Africa. Africa is known for its beautiful safari sunsets. Using crayons, paints if you have any to hand, chalk, create your own African sunset. We will show you some pictures before the end of our meet this morning. Again, please send us some photos of your work!


2.15pm Catch up & story time.

Friday- Physical development

9.45am We will take part in dough disco this morning then practise our handwriting.


Home challenge 1-  Complete the number formation sheet. 


Alongside these activities you could also complete the following:

  • Daily reading (10 mins) or sharing some stories together.

  • Practising Phonics sounds (10 mins) adult to write a sound down, can you tell them the sound? Can you give them a word containing that sound?

  • Complete the winter maths booklet.

Class 1 home learning w/c 11/01/21

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