18 January 2021

Image of Class 1- home learning - wk 3- Mon/Tues

Good Morning Class 1, 

We hope that you have had a lovely weekend! This week we are continuing with our exciting journey around the world! We hope you are enjoying our topic! We have lots of fun activities planned which are linked to our next country/county. 

There is also another French lesson for you to attend this week with Madam Elliot. This session will be on Wednesday 12.30 to 1pm – we really hope you can join us!

On Friday morning, this week, we are going to be completing a science experiment. You will need the following items ready for this session - Ice cube trays, water, small jugs, small cups or bowls, food colouring (optional)  and access to a freezer.

This half term school will be taking part in the Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent virtual Three Peaks Challenge. The aim of the challenge is to add some purpose to daily walks and help families to remain active during this lockdown. You can complete the challenge as an individual or as a family team. If you would like to take part, record the distance you walk on the record sheet and return the record sheet back to school by Tuesday 23rd February. For more information please see the Three Peaks Information sheet in the resources.


Here are your activities for Monday and Tuesday. This week we will be focusing on… Antarctica. Click on the links below to see what books we will be using.







Each day you will have a maths and a phonics activity to complete. These are listed below for you. During our morning google meet we will set additional activities. A brief overview of the session and activities set are also listed below. 


Have fun!

The EYFS Team


Maths- Reception and Nursery 




Monday- Click on the link above. Watch the video Alive in 5! Week 3- session 1.

Complete the activity;



Reception Phonics

This week we will be learning the oo (u)  sound. Click the link below to see what objects Geraldine the giraffe finds with the   oo (u)  sound in. 




Monday-  Read the Little Red Riding Hood PDF. Can you read the oo words and HFW’s on the final page?


Make your  own flashcards with the words 

- cook book look hook took hood good stood flood foot football Practise these throughout the day.

 Tuesday-  Read the oo (u) word flashcards. How many did you get write? Can you write some  oo (u) words?


Log on to Phonics play. Select Picnic on Pluto phase 2.



username: jan21

password: home

Nursery phonics

This week we will be looking at instrument sounds. Over the next week complete the activities from the instrumental sounds home learning sheet.


Tuesday-  Click on the link above. Watch the video Alive in 5! Week 3- session 2.

Complete the activity;




Online teaching

Monday- Literacy

9.45am This morning we have a surprise visitor. Children will discuss how to look after our visitor and the practicalities of our visitor living with us.


Home challenge 1-. Reception children in your literacy books write a list of items we need to look after a penguin. Then create a timetable of how you would look after the penguin. 8.30am feed the penguin breakfast

10am fill a paddling pool with water for  swim time

12.00 feed the penguin fish for lunch.  etc 

Nursery children we would like you to think about where the penguin could sleep and make a bed for the penguin. What will you use?


Home challenge 2- We are going to make 3D penguins using  half of a kitchen towel roll or a cylinder made from a rolled up piece of card.  Use paint and collage materials to turn your cylinder into a penguin.  Encourage the children to explore different methods of shaping and joining the materials.  Talk to them about which materials they are going to use to create each part of their penguin and support them to use the tools on offer.  Encourage the children to talk about what they are doing and to share their ideas.


2.15pm Catch up & story time.


Tuesday- Maths

9.45am Today the children will be ordering numbers to 20. We will then look at the number that is 1 more or 1 less.


Home challenge 1- Reception children to complete the worksheet 1 more/ 1 less.

Nursery children to practise their counting skills. Ask your child to bring you different objects e.g. 1 teddy bear/ 3 bricks etc. Count the objects together by pointing at each object as you count. Repeat.


Home challenge 2- Bobble Hat Patterns

Look at some examples of winter hats that are patterned.  Ask the children to describe each pattern to you.  Model creating different types of patterns e.g. shape patterns, repeated colour patterns.  Give the children the outline of a bobble hat from the resources and ask them to fill it by creating patterns.  They could draw these or stick shapes on.  Encourage the children to describe each pattern.


2.15pm Catch up & story time.


Alongside these activities you could also complete the following:

  • Daily reading (10 mins) or sharing some stories together.

  • Practising Phonics sounds (10 mins) adult to write a sound down, can you tell them the sound? Can you give them a word containing that sound?

  • Complete the winter maths booklet

  • Joe Wicks PE is on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.

class 1- home learning- week 3

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