2 February 2021

Image of Class 1- Home learning- wk5 Weds/ Thurs/ Fri

Good Morning Class 1, 

This week is Children’s mental health week. Here is the link to the website where you will find lots of information and resources.



We would like you to complete a couple  of the following wellness activities over the next few days;


·  Draw a picture of yourself and write on it the things you like about yourself!

·  Spend time doing something that makes you calm- yoga, reading, colouring etc.

·  As a family, design outfits that express who you are individually!

·  Put on your favourite music and sing your favourite song!

·  Talk to someone about how you are feeling.

·  Spend time doing something that makes you happy?

·  Draw/ paint your emotions- what colour are the different emotions to you?

·  Spend time with your family- play games, go for a walk or do something creative together.

·  Create, draw or build a place you would like to visit.


Here are your other activities for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This week we will be focusing on Australia. Click on the links below to see what books we will be using.






Each day you will have a maths and a phonics activity to complete. These are listed below for you. During our morning online meet we will set additional activities. A brief overview of the session and activities set are listed below. 

Have fun!

The EYFS Team


Maths- Reception and Nursery 


Wednesday- Click on the link above. Watch the video Growing 6,7,8!! Week 2- session 3.

Complete the activity;


Reception Phonics

This week we will be learning the ee sound. Click the link below to see what objects Geraldine the giraffe finds with the ee sound in. 



Wednesday- Complete the My Book About ee.

Thursday- ee word game spinner. Make the two spinners. Play with an adult and take turn to spin the spinners. Read the word it lands on- if you get the word right tick it off on your recording sheet and write the word. The first person to tick off all the words on  the recording sheets is the winner.

Friday- Read the ee flashcards. How many did you get right?

Log on to  Phonics Play. Select games Tricky Word Trucks and Picnic on Pluto to play.

Username- jan21

Password- home


Nursery phonics

This week it’s all about voice sounds! Over the next week complete the activities from the voice sounds home learning sheet.


Thursday- Click on the link above. Watch the video Growing 6,7,8!! Week 2- session 4.

Complete the activity;


Friday- Click on the link above. Watch the video Growing 6,7,8!! Week 2- session 5.

Complete the activity;




Online teaching

Wednesday- Today we will talk about Children's mental Health week. We will talk about feelings and discuss activities that make us feel calm and happy.

Home challenge 1- We would like you to look at the Australian Animal fact cards with an adult. Talk about any new facts that you have learnt from the cards that you didn’t know before. 

Reception- You then can select a ‘Beware of …’ sheet of your choice. There are lots of animals to choose from! Once you have chosen your animal you are to write some sentences about the animal- The crocodile has sharp teeth and a long tail. Remember to use your describing words!

Nursery- Nursery we would like you to draw or paint an Australian Animal. Talk to an adult about the animal you have drawn/ painted. Can you describe the animal? Ask the adult to help you write the initial sounds of the words you use to describe the animal.


12.30-1pm- French Online


Home challenge 2- Watch the clip below to find out what a didgeridoo is.


Today we would like you to have a go at making your own didgeridoo. You could use kitchen rolls, roll up paper/ card. Didgeridoos are between 1 and 2 metres long- can you join together your rolls to make your didgeridoo this length? Remember to decorate your didgeridoo! Here are some ideas;


2.15pm Catch up & story time.

Thursday- Maths

9.45am This morning we will be recapping positional language and looking Teddys winter walk! We help Teddy draw his walk using positional language to explain where he is.

Home challenge 1- 

Nursery/ Reception- We would like you to take your teddy bear on a winter walk. When you get home draw a map of your journey. What did you see on your walk? You might like to take photographs on your walk to stick on your map. Use the key vocabulary below  to explain to your adult where you went with teddy.


Home challenge 2- 

Gross motor skills- Complete cosmic yoga Kickapoo the Kangaroo


Fine motor skills- Ask an adult to write your name. Use a cotton wool bud or the end of a paint brush to make paint dots along the letters. 


Optional- pencil control sheets

2.15pm Catch up & story time.

Friday- Show and Tell.

9.45am Today is a really exciting day  as it is ‘bring your pet to online school day!’

If you have a pet at home you can bring him or her to our lesson and tell your friends all about your pets. You will need to tell them what type of pet you have, their name, how old they are, how you look after them and any other fun facts you might have about your pet. We can’t wait to meet all your pets!


Home challenge 1-  

Reception we would like you to complete what does this pet need? activity. The worksheet is in the resources.

Optional- complete some activities from the Monster Phonics Parent Pack.

Nursery we would like you to complete the pets matching activity.

Optional- follow the link to play welcome to the zoo matching game.



Alongside these activities you could also complete the following:

  • Daily reading (10 mins) or sharing some stories together.

  • Practising Phonics sounds (10 mins) adult to write a sound down, can you tell them the sound? Can you give them a word containing that sound?

  • Any activities from your home learning pack.

  • Joe Wicks PE on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Class 1 home learning wk 5

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