19 March 2021

Image of Spring Term Two - Week 4

We have had another lovely week in Class 1. We have continued to focus on our feelings and emotions this week. The children have listened to the story, 'Ruby's Worry' by Tom Percival and been very brave in discussing the different things that worry them. We have talked about the importance of sharing our worries and how it can make us feel better. The children have created their own worry dolls, talked about different emotions including feeling happy and excited and looked at some new words linked to our story including, 'anxious, jittery and on edge.'

In Maths our Reception children have been 'super' shape detectives. We have looked at different 3d shapes, named them, described them and looked for real life examples of shapes in our classroom. Our Nursery children have been 'superstar' counters and number hunters this week. Well done Class 1!

Have a wonderful weekend,


The EYFS Team


Class 1 - Spring Term Two - Week 4

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