26 March 2021

Image of Spring Term 2  - Week 5

This week, in Class 3, we have been writing persuasive brochures all about the Island of Formentera using the skills we have learnt to write effective sentences. We have used persuasive features such as rhetorical questions, similes, slogan and quotes. In Maths, Year 3 have been recapping how to recognise and find fractions, specifically halves and quarters. Year 4 have moved onto learning about decimals and are exploring tenths on a number line and on a place value grid. In History, we have enjoyed exploring the history of Lichfield focusing on a timeline of events dating back to 669AD. In PE, we played the tactical game ‘Boccia’ which required teamwork and accuracy. A great week Class 3. Keep going, only 1 more week left!

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Category: Class 3

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