14 May 2021

Image of Summer Term 1 - Week 4

This week the children have been learning about super hero animals. They have read 'Detective Dog' and learnt about working dogs and how they help humans to rescue people, help to solve crimes and  help people with special needs. They have been learning about how to care for pet dogs.

All the children have been chanting the days of the week and learning how to show 'o'clock' times on an analogue clock. It would be great if they can practise saying the days of the week at home or on the way to and from school! Can they tell you what comes before or after Tuesday? Can they tell you which month it is and the season?

We have been ordering events that happen during the day and deciding what time they happen? At what time do they have their breakfast etc?

The children had great fun exercising by practising an obstacle race outside in the sunshine!

In music we created a theme tune for 'Detective Dog'. The children had some great ideas about how to use sounds to represent the dog's actions.

In RE, we continued to discuss what happens in a church. We watched a video on how stained glass windows are made.

Well done Class 1 for a super week!

Have a great weekend.

The EYFS Team



Posted by S Parkes

Category: Class 1

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