17 September 2021

We’ve had another fantastic week in Class 3! In English, we have written WW1 diary entries using first person, contractions and emotive language. In Maths, Year 3 have been learning how to identify numbers on a number line up to 1000. In Year 4, we have been learning to represent numbers up to 10,000, using base 10 and place value counters. We have also been securing our place value knowledge by partitioning numbers. In History, we have learnt about what life was like in for British soldiers in the trenches and labelled the cross section of a trench. This lesson provoked some interesting questions. Our PE lesson this week focused on learning how to control a football and kick with accuracy. In PSHE, our topic is called financial capability and we have discussed the meaning of a loan and when people might need to take out a loan. In RE, we retold the story of creation and discussed how God and humans both show responsibility. In computing, we read an interesting story called #Goldilocks which taught us the moral of only sharing photos online when given permission. Overall a great week. Well done Class 3.


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Category: Class 3

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