1 October 2021

We’ve had another great week in Class 3. In English we have been reading and analysing the famous poem ‘In Flanders Field’ which is linked to our history topic about WW1. We have worked together to understand the meaning behind some of the words and in groups we performed the poem using great expression and enthusiasm. In Maths, Year 3 have moved onto addition and subtraction. We have been learning how to add and subtract 3-digit numbers and 1-digit numbers. To help us, we used cubes and base ten equipment. Year 4 have been learning about negative numbers and we researched real-life examples of when these are used. We have also learned about Roman numerals and enjoyed singing a song to help us to remember them. In Science this week, we have learnt about the 7 characteristics of all living things which we comprised into a funny acronym called MRS NERG. We then used the laptops and iPads to research why certain animals live in particular habitats. Class 3 gave an extra special thank you to Maisie’s uncle who brought in all of his WW1 memorabilia and we had great fun trying on the soldiers’ helmets, holding weaponry and we even got to hold a stuffed rat which the children were particularly enthused about! Well done Class 3, keep up the hard work.  

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