15 October 2021

It’s been another exciting week in Class 3. As part of our history topic, we visited the National Memorial Arboretum to look at all of the WW1 memorials. It was a great opportunity to enhance our learning and recap everything we learnt from our history lessons. One of our favourite memorials was called ‘Shot at Dawn’ which sparked a thought-provoking conversation. In English, we have been learning how to use dialogue and ensure it is punctuated correctly using inverted commas. In Maths, Year 3 have been working on addition and subtraction of 2-digit and 3-digit numbers, whilst Year 4 have been learning how to add and subtract 4-digit numbers using the formal column method. In Science, we have learnt about food chains and how habitats can change based on human activity such as deforestation. Another great week, well done Class 3! Only 1 more week to go...keep up the fantastic work!

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