15 October 2021

Image of Autumn 1 Week 7

In English we have started looking at our new text, a poem, The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. We have found some of the old fashioned language tricky but are working hard to understand and interpret the meaning. 
Maths lessons have seen the start of a new block of work, we are now looking at statistics so have been interpreting tables and graphs to problem solve. 
Our art work this week has been drawing 3D shapes using two point perspective before moving onto drawing buildings using two point perspective.
Our RE (Creation) and Science (Evolution) topics are coming to an end and we had a fantastic afternoon at St Mary’s church, in Colton, on Thursday. Rev Anne and her husband, a scientist, hosted a discussion around Christianity and how a belief in Creation and cosmology (the Big Bang Theory) can sit alongside each other. They talked about their belief in God and also about their faith in Science. It was an engaging discussion and we asked some relevant and insightful questions. 
Our geography lesson was practical orienteering around the village of Colton, and was good preparation for our trip to Cannock Chase next week. 

Class 4 - Autumn 1 - Week 7

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