5 May 2022

Image of Summer Term 1 - Week 2

This week, in Class 3, we have been writing setting descriptions to describe where the Iron Man lives. We have worked hard to use lots of narrative features such as prepositions, fronted adverbials and similes. In Maths, Year 3 have been finding fractions of a set amount of objects and we found that using bar models has really helped us. Year 4 have been learning how to round decimals to the nearest whole number and they will start their next topic on Monday which is money. In Science, we had fun dissecting flowers and labelling the male and female parts of the flower. In RE, we explored the artefacts used within a mosque and discussed how this aids salat (prayer). Well done Class 3 for a great week.

Class 3 sum 1 week 2

Posted by ahylton

Category: Class 3

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