23 June 2022

Class 1 summer 2 Week 3

With such lovely weather, the children have enjoyed role play outside. They have had pretend picnics with their friends and babies. 
We have enjoyed learning about sharks and have drawn a shark to illustrate our writing.

In maths, we have continued to look at odd and even numbers and have practised sharing objects with our friends. The children were very good at positional language and were able to build shapes by listening to instructions. 

In RE, we used mirrors to look at how we are the same but different, unique and special. We made a jigsaw all about ourselves.

In music we clapped the rhythm of our names and saw how these rhythms are written down.

This afternoon we are making hot air balloons so that we can travel to different holiday destinations next week.

Have a great weekend

Class 1 team

Posted by S Parkes

Category: Class 1

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