13 October 2022

Image of Autumn Term 1 - Week 6

It has been a very busy week in Class 3! On Wednesday, we took part in our fantastic Egyptian Day where we learnt about how the pyramids were built, Egyptian maths, the process of mummification, understanding what archaeology is and so much more! On Thursday, we celebrated our Harvest Festival in church and Class 3 enjoyed performing their harvest samba. In English, we have been learning how to use inverted commas and fronted adverbials. In Maths, Year 4 have been learning how to subtract 2- 4 digit numbers whilst Year 3s have been learning how to add 1s and 10s across 2 digits and 3 digit numbers. We started our DT topic this week which is called ‘Lighting it up’. On Thursday, we investigated different lights and their purpose. In French, Class 3 have been working on different introductions and greetings in French. They have been practising asking questions like ‘comment ça va?’. ‘Quel age as-tu?’ and answering those questions using a variety of responses. To demonstrate their knowledge they performed role plays and created some cartoon conversational strips. Très bien!! A great week Class 3, only one more week until half term!  



Class 3 A1 Wk 6

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