18 November 2022

Image of Autumn Term 2, Week 3

We had great fun at the start of this week! The lady from funky foods came into school and delivered a workshop on healthy hydration to us. We were given jugs of water and were asked to add different fruits and spices to create different flavoured drinks. Some of them were really nice, some made us pull some very funny faces!
In our Science lessons, we have continued our work on habitats, thinking about habitats that are far away from us, such as the desert and rainforest. We thought carefully about the animals and plants that might be found in those habitats and why they are best suited to the habitats they are found in. In Maths, Year 2 have started to look at 2d shapes. We have revised our shape names and learnt how to count edges and vertices. We have also been drawing shapes, using a ruler to ensure that our lines were straight. Some of us found this a little tricky! Year 1 have finished their work on addition and subtraction and are ready to start their new topic next week. Another busy but productive week!

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Category: Class 2

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