4 May 2023

Image of Summer Term 1 - Week 3

This week, in Class 3, we have started our new narrative topic which is based around the picture book ‘Flood’. We looked closely at the first few pages of the book and have written complex sentences to describe the pictures. In Maths, Year 4, have moved onto the topic ‘Money’ and we have been using a decimal notation when finding amounts of money. Year 3 have been finding fractions of amounts using unit and non-unit fractions. To help us, we used the base ten equipment to share out the number into equal groups. In Science, we have been very practical investigating the properties of a variety of rocks such as sandstone, slate, marble, granite, pebbles and lots of others. We also tested the rocks to see which were the hardest, most durable, most waterproof and acidic. Overall, a great week. Well done Class 3! 

Class 3 Wk 2 Sum 1

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