23 June 2023

Image of Summer Term 2 - Week 3

What a lovely week we have had this week, the weather has been lovely and the children have been very busy. Some fantastic creations were made with the junk modelling resources and also with the  K-Nex, including an impressive lawn mower. There was a lot of craft activities this week including octopus suncatchers, collage whales and ocean life silhouette paintings. Some key stage 2 children were very helpful this week, sweeping up leaves from the playground, laminating signs for our school fayre and even cleaning windows, a big thank you to those children for all their hard work. Other fun things the children did this week were create a scene with some dinosaur fuzzy felt, dancing with the Wii console, playing with the small world toys and racing the cars on the car tracks. Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday.

Mrs. Compton, Mrs. Haynes & Mrs.

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