1 December 2023

Image of Autumn Term 2 - Week 4

There's certainly a festive spirit beginning to take place in Class 4. Roles for our Christingle service have been handed out and are being learned, as well as preperation for next week's Christmas Fayre being well and truly under way. We started a new English unit based on a picture book called Anne Frank by Josephine Poole. While exploring the text, we have been honing our skills using parenthesis, active voice and modal verbs. In maths, both years have furthered their understanding of fractions and are becoming more confident in applying them to problems. 

On Thursday, we had visitors from the NSPCC in our class delivering a workshop all about how to stay safe and help those who appear distressed. The visitors were extremely impressed with how responsible, caring and well-mannered the whole class were and enjoyed discussing sensitive topics in a safe space.

Autumn 2 Week 4 Class 4

Posted by John Frame

Category: Class 4

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