28 February 2021

Image of Class 1-Home learning- Spring 2- wk 2- Mon/Tues

Good Morning Class 1,  

Here are your activities for Monday and Tuesday. Our topic is ‘All Creatures Great and Small!’ This week we will be focusing on Dinosaurs! Click on the links below to see what books we will be using.





Each day you will have a maths and a phonics activity to complete. These are listed below for you. During our morning google meet we will set additional activities. A brief overview of the session and activities set are also listed below. 

Have fun!

The EYFS Team


Maths- Reception and Nursery 




Monday- Click on the link above. Watch the video building 9 & 10! Week 2- session 1.

Complete the activity;


Reception Phonics

This week we will be learning the or  sound. Click the link below to see what objects Geraldine the giraffe finds with the or sound in. 



Monday- Complete the or match up activity in the resources. Can you put the words into a sentence? Pick two words to put in a sentence and write the sentences in your home learning book. Remember capital letter, finger spaces and full stops!


Tuesday-  Today we would like you to practise your high frequency words. You can download the cards from the resources or make your own. How many can you read? Can you write some of the HFW? Can you put some of the words into sentences?

Using the cards you have made or downloaded play a game. Stick the words on boxes, baskets or skittles. An adult will tell you a word you have to throw a ball into that box or at the skittle to knock it down. Did you get the right box? Play again using different words.

Nursery phonics

We are going to learn the a sound this week. Click on the link below to see what Geraldine finds with the a sound.




What did Geraldine find starting with a? Can you draw a picture of different things beginning with the sound a. 


Have a look around your house and see what other things you can find that start with the a sound.


Complete ‘My a workbook’ in the resources.


Tuesday-  Click on the link above. Watch the video building 9 & 10! Week 2- session 1.

Complete the activity;



Online teaching

Monday- Literacy

9.45am Today we will start our new topic about dinosaurs. We will watch Andy’s Dinosaur adventure and learn some fun facts about Tyrannosaurus Rex. 



We will remind the children of question words  - what, when, who, why, how and where.  We will look at what other information we would like to know about dinosaurs and write some questions to research and answer. 


Home challenge 1-. Dino Fact File 

We would like you to research your favourite dinosaur further by looking at books, asking an adult to help you search online, watching the Andy’s dinosaur fact videos or reading the fact cards in the resources. 


Watch Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure- dinosaur facts. There are a few videos here to help you learn about different dinosaurs.



Also, look at the dinosaur fact cards in the resources.


Reception- Write three interesting facts about your chosen dinosaur in your home learning book. Add a drawing or print out a picture of your dinosaur.


Nursery- Paint/ or draw a picture of your favorite dinosaur. Ask an adult to help you write some information about your dinosaur.


Home challenge 2- Mary Anning

Mary Anning lived in the past. She found out about fossils in Dorset along the Jurassic coast. Can you find out about what Mary did? Write some information down and share with us at our afternoon meet.


Salt Dough Fossils 

We would like you to try making some salt dough fossils. There is a recipe below and an adult will have to help you with this. If you prefer you could make the fossils out of playdough or clay. 



2 cups wheat flour 

1 cup salt

1/2 cup warm water

Plastic dinosaurs

Mix the flour, salt, and warm water together to make the salt dough. Roll it into balls. Press the dinosaurs into the dough. Bake at 150C degrees for 2 -3 hours or until hard. 


Try salt dough bones too! Take some photographs of your amazing creations and send them into school- we can’t wait to see them!


2.15pm Dinosaur information & story time.


3pm Whole school worship

Tuesday- Maths 


9.45am Subtraction

Today we will look at the dinosaur subtraction PowerPoint to remind the children of how subtraction works. We will practise writing subtraction number sentences and using real objects to help us work out the answers.


Home challenge 1- Reception- Have 10-20 small objects each (lego bricks, duplo bricks, blocks, dinosaurs any small toy or objects) take turns to roll a dice. Each time, take away the number that you roll. For example, start with 10, roll a 3, take 3 away and count 7 left. Say the number sentence each time “ten take away three equals seven”. Write the number sentences in your home learning book. 


Nursery- Shape dinosaurs

Use shapes to create different dinosaurs. You can cut shapes out of different coloured paper, draw or paint shapes to create a  dinosaur picture. Can you talk about the different shapes and their properties?

Can you make a 3D dinosaur? What shapes do you see? 



Home challenge 2- Design a dinosaur

We would like you to design your own dinosaur today. Can you label the different parts by drawing a line and writing the word e.g. spike, tail, neck, feet, claws, teeth.  Can you add some descriptive words e.g sharp teeth, long green tail. Give your dinosaur a name.


Optional activity-  Do the dinosaur stomp!




Then join in with the story- The Very Frightened Dinosaur.


2.15pm Catch up & story time.


Alongside these activities you could also complete the following:

  • Daily reading (10 mins) or sharing some stories together.

  • Practising Phonics sounds (10 mins) adult to write a sound down, can you tell them the sound? Can you give them a word containing that sound?

  • Complete any activities in your learning packs.

  • Joe Wicks PE is on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Class 1 Home learning- Spring 2- Wk 2

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