2 March 2021

Image of Class 1-Home learning- Spring 2- wk2- Weds/ Thurs/ Fri

Good Morning Class 1,  

It is World Book Day on Thursday! In class 1 we will be doing some work around one of our favourite books ‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt.’ We hope you can join us on Thursday for our World Book Day quiz at 1.30pm. 

Just a reminder there are no live lessons on Friday. 

Here are your activities for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Our topic is ‘All Creatures Great and Small!’ This week we will be focusing on dinosaurs! Click on the links below to see what books we will be using.





Each day you will have a maths and a phonics activity to complete. These are listed below for you. During our morning google meet we will set additional activities. A brief overview of the session and activities set are also listed below. 

Have fun!

The EYFS Team


Maths- Reception and Nursery 




Wednesday-  Click on the link above. Watch the video building 9 & 10! Week 2- session 3.

Complete the activity;


Reception Phonics

This week we will be learning the or  sound. Click the link below to see what objects Geraldine the giraffe finds with the or sound in. 


Wednesday- Complete the or workbook in the resources.


Thursday- Today check you know all your sounds. Watch the clip below and join in with the sounds and actions.


Watch again without the sound. Did you remember all the sounds?

Read the or flashcards. How many did you get write? Can you write some of the words?

Friday-  Complete the or word search in the resources.

Log on to phonics play and play buried treasure.


User name- jan21

Password- home


Nursery phonics

We are going to learn the a sound this week. Click on the link below to see what Geraldine finds with the a sound.



Play ‘I Spy A sound’ in the resources. 


Cut an apple up to make a stamp. Stamp your apple in the letter a (found in the files). Say the a sound as you stamp the apple.


Practice the alphabet song below;


Thursday-  Click on the link above. Watch the video building 9 & 10! Week 2- session 4.

Complete the activity; 


Friday-  Click on the link above. Watch the video building 9 & 10! Week 2- session 5.

Complete the activity



Online teaching

Wednesday-  Maths

9.45am Subtraction- We will continue to look at subtraction today and will complete some simple subtraction problem solving activities using small toys, food or sweets! E.g. ‘if mummy had 6 sweets and she ate 3 how many would she have left?’ 

Home challenge 1 Reception- Complete the dinosaur subtraction themed- within 10 challenge cards from the resources. If you are confident using numbers to 10 try the up to 20 challenge cards.


Nursery- How many legs does each animal have? Count the legs and sort into the correct boxes.



12.30-1pm- French Online


Home challenge 2- PE

Fine motor skills- Watch ‘Draw with Rob’. There is a Gregosaurus dinosaur the children can listen and copy the picture. If they have done this one they could choose another and carefully follow the instructions. 


Complete the pencil control sheets in the resources.

Gross motor skills- create your own dinosaur dice. Roll the dice and complete the movement.

Roll the dice…

1-Stomp like a T-Rex

2-Swim like a plesiosaur swinging your long neck

3-Swoop and fly like a pterodactyl 

4-Stretch up tall like a brachiosaurus

5-Snap your jaws like a spinosaurus

6-Move quickly on your tiptoes like a velociraptor 

Remember to take turns!


Complete cosmic yoga- Tiny the T-Rex



2.15pm Catch up & story time.

Thursday- World Book Day- Literacy

9.45am We are going to remind ourselves of one of our favourite stories in class 1- We’re Going on a Bear Hunt! We will  use this story to support us in writing our own dinosaur story. 

Home challenge 1-  We’re Going on a Dinosaur Hunt!

Create your own dinosaur story- instead of a bear hunt- go on a dinosaur hunt! What do you have to pass through? Do you make it home? 

There are some ideas below of how to record your ideas. Be as creative as you like and please send us photographs or videos of your amazing work!


Reception/ Nursery - You could draw pictures in your home learning book of all the things you have to pass through. Then write a sentence for each picture to tell your story. 


You could create a story map of your dinosaur hunt. Can you label the pictures?

To help retell the story you could create a small world using different materials and toys.

You could even work outside and build all the things you come across in your new story.

We can’t wait to see your ideas for your new story “We’re Going on a Dinosaur hunt!’


Home challenge 2- World Book Day walk - see letter sent from school.


1.30pm Join us for our World Book Day Quiz


We have no online session this morning.


Home challenge 1-  Art

We would like you to complete a dinosaur art activity. There are some ideas below but you may have a great idea of your own. 

Junk modelling dinosaur

Can you make different a dinosaur out of junk modelling? Think about all the features you have seen on the different dinosaurs, their teeth, their necks, the shape and size of their feet etc. Don’t forget to take photograph to show us!


Dinosaur silhouettes 

Use watercolours to paint a back drop and then cut out dinosaurs in black paper to stick onto the background.


Dinosaur Skeletons

Use white straws or pasta and stick to black paper to create a dinosaur skeleton. Use twigs outside and make a large scale dinosaur skeleton.


Dinosaur balloon craft- 

If you google balloon dinosaur craft there are some brilliant suggestions and instructions;


Create a dinosaur sock or glove puppet

Image result for dinosaur sock puppet   See the source image


Have a lovely weekend Class 1 & we can’t wait to see you all back in school on Monday!


Alongside these activities you could also complete the following:

  • Daily reading (10 mins) or sharing some stories together.

  • Practise High frequency words  - Children need to be able to read and write these.

  • Practising Phonics sounds (10 mins) adult to write a sound down, can you tell them the sound? Can you give them a word containing that sound?

  • Any activities in your home learning packs.

  • Joe Wicks PE- Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Class 1 Home learning- Spring 2- Wk 2

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