24 September 2021

This week, in Class 3, we have written letters set in WW1 from the brave soldiers fighting on the frontline trenches back home to their families. Everyone has tried really hard to use old fashioned language, a range of sentence starters and emotive language. In Maths, Year 3 have been comparing and ordering 3 digit numbers, whilst Year 4 have been comparing 4 digit numbers and rounding to the nearest 1000. We now understand how to organise numbers in ascending and descending order. In History, we retold the Christmas Truce using drama and really tried to emphasise with the soldiers. In RE, we discussed what the story of Creation teaches Christians and created a list of rules for how we should look after God’s marvellous creation. In PSHE, we researched the cost of having fun by looking at a range of different activities. This certainly sparked an interesting conversation and Class 3 now have a better understanding of how much fun days out cost in comparison with other daily fun tasks such as reading and playing at the park. We also spent some time designing Christmas cards in preparation for December. Class 3 found it very fun to draw and colour whilst listening to Christmas music! Another fab week Class 3, keep up the hard work!

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