21 October 2021

We made it Class 3 to the end of our first half term and you have all settled in wonderfully. It has been another busy week full of writing, using charcoal and working as team. In English, we planned our own adventure stories linked to our focus book ‘Leon and the Place Between’. Everyone worked incredibly hard to produce fantastic stories which used prepositional phrases, expanded noun phrases, inverted commas and paragraphs. In Maths, Year 4 were challenged to subtract efficiently using the best method, whilst Year 3 have been problem solving, using their addition and subtraction skills with 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. In Art this week, we have been using the rather messy yet effective medium charcoal. Firstly, we experimented with different types of charcoal such as willow, block and crayon. Using these we recreated a still life drawing of a fruit bowl and tried to recreate the New York sky line. We enjoyed learning about the famous charcoal artist ‘Lowry’. 


Well done Class 3 for a fantastic first half term. I can’t wait to see you progress even more in Autumn Term 2. Have a great rest! 


Miss Hylton 

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