5 November 2021



We did orienteering .It is when you go around a place that has orange and white flag with a stamp on each. It was great fun. We went all around the village and found lots of points/stamps with St Mary’s, they are really good to work with. There was a really nice course to go on, set up by St Mary's school. Overall the day was fantastic.


Cannock Chase

On our trip to Cannock chase we did orienteering with St Mary’s and The Howard. We were in groups made up of  all three schools. We were in groups of ten or eleven. There were ten checkpoints and only some groups got all the points. We walked about 3.69miles. Checkpoints 5 and 6 were the hardest  to find. Wednesday was a great day over all and we want to do it again.

Posted by ebowring

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