5 November 2021

We have had another busy week in Care Club, we have created lovely fire work pictures using pencils, felt tips, paints and glitter, made Rangoli patterns using tissue paper, Diwali colour by number patterns and also designed henna tattoos on paper hands. The children also had lots of fun experimenting with food colouring, oil and water to create fireworks in a glass and also looking at density by pouring different items on top of one another into a glass. Other activities included cutting and sticking logs and flames to create a bonfire picture, completing wordsearches, baking cinnamon rolls (which were delicious), Teddy bears picnic, fashion designing with the Harumika dolls and playing with friends building lego buildings and competing in board game challenges.

Mrs. Compton & Mrs. Haynes

Posted by kcompton

Category: Care Club

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