11 November 2021

This week, in Class 3, we have been learning to use powerful verbs in our writing and you will see from the pictures that we have succeeded with this learning objective. Miss Hylton is particularly impressed with the rich vocabulary the children have used to describe Mount Vesuvius’s eruption. In Maths, Year 3 have finished their module on addition and subtraction, concluding with lessons on estimating and checking answers, whilst Year 4 have been learning how to find the perimeter of squares, rectangles and all rectilinear shapes. During our RE lessons, we discussed the meaning of ‘advent’ and why this is a particularly important time for Christians. In Geography, we learnt about the different features of a volcano and used the laptops to research facts about famous mountains. Using these facts, we created fact files on the laptops to also help improve of computer skills. A fantastic week Class 3. Well done!

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Category: Class 3

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