10 November 2023

Image of Class 2- Autumn 2- Week 1

We have had a really busy first week back! In English, we have started to look at the story of Pinocchio. We are focussing upon writing properly punctuated sentences, that make sense. Our Science topic is looking at animals and humans. So far we have looked at animals and their babies and thought about the life cycle of different animals and humans. The highlight of our week was when The Howard came over and we got to make pizzas with a range of different toppings. It was hard rolling out the pizza bases, we ended up with lots of different shaped pizzas. We also made clay pots, that we will paint in the style of Wedgewood once the clay is dry. Our annual visit to the war memorial for Remembrance Day gave us the opportunity to stop and think about all those that gave their lives for us so many years ago. 

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